A Proud Part Of Hopatcong History Since 1946


The Hopatcong Ambulance Squad has come a long way since its beginning in 1946 where the community was serviced by its first group of volunteers using a 1937 Buick and a 1940 La Salle in a single car garage on River Styx Road.  Prior to the formation of the squad the nearest ambulance was located at Dover General Hospital.

Over the years the Hopatcong Ambulance Squad continued to grow and expand.  The original garage was renovated to add 3 bays to accommodate more modern ambulances and give the building the look it has today.  

Today a group of approximately 30 volunteer men and women from all walks of life share a common goal to help our neighbors.  We are highly trained professionals and most members are certified EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians),  We participate in a highly structured program of continuing education to maintain our skills and knowledge and are required to be re-certified every few years.

We provide emergency services coverage to our community 24/7/365  and respond to around 1,000 calls per year which is a dramatic increase from the original 25 calls in 1946. We also provide emergency standby coverage for events such as Hopatcong Days, school events, parades, sporting events, etc.  Our fleet of three well equipped ambulances provides us with the tools and environment to work in just about any situation. 

Due to the limited availability of volunteers during weekday hours we have employed a number of per-diem EMTs to handle emergency calls Monday-Friday during daytime hours.  Evenings and weekend calls continue to be handled by our dedicated volunteers.  This ensures that
9-1-1 medical emergency calls are answered during this time when typically volunteers are not available due to professional commitments.

The Hopatcong Ambulance Squad has become it's own business entity and supports itself through billing for services provided.  We are not funded by the Borough of Hopatcong or your tax dollars.  All patients treated and transported by our ambulance will be billed.  We use a third party billing company (DM Medical Billing) to bill a patient's insurance company.  No patient will ever be denied treatment for not having insurance.  Our goal as always is the safety and well being of our patients.

​If you have ever thought about what you could do to help your community you should consider joining us.  Click the “Join Us” tab for more information.